That’s My Camera

My brother decided he wanted to be happy, so he got married and moved out.  He took his camera with him, the one I was going to use to shoot my videos.  I had to open up my wallet and purchase a new camera.  This is my build and how much it costed me.  Most of the equipment is optional:

1) Canon HF M500 HD – $649.00

2) Canon Bp – 718 Battery Pack – $59.95 (optional but it’s always good to have a backup battery pack)

3) Magnus video Tripod w/2 way fluid video HEA – $59.95

4) TIFFEN/ 43 MM UV HAVE-1 Filter – $10.95 – (optional but if you are going to deal with a lot of dust or shoot outside it may be a good investment )

5) Pearstone onyx 1030 shoulder case – $17.95

6) Genaray 36 lamp compact led on camera light – $19.95 (optional but if you are doing vlogs it helps to have a little bit of good lighting)

7) Gemini-sound dual – ch VHF wireless sys 2 – headset – $69.94 (optional but if you want to have good sound a wireless sound system helps and it was on sell so I said what the heck.  I don’t even use it, hahahaha)

8) 2 Sony 32GB SD HC I – $50

In total I spent around $1000, ouch.  In one of my videos I will review the camera, so far I like it.


O Brother

I have this video that’s really boring.  I was watching it and I had no idea on how to make it interesting or better.  I racked my brains over and over again and nothing.  My brother called a couple of hours later and I asked him for help on coming up with something.  You know what he said?  “You’ll come up with something.”  If I could come up with something I wouldn’t be asking you.  That’s what I wanted to say.  I guess I’m going to have to rely on myself on this journey.

How to Be More Creative

I was surfing the web at work when I should have been working and I ran into this article that I found fascinating.  It’s about, “how waking up half an hour early can help you solve more problems.”  I was thinking maybe I can use this technique to try and become creative.  If I have an idea that I can’t flesh out maybe waking up early may help me come up with something.  Here’s the link to the entire article, have a read:




Wow, my hobbies are taking a big hit.  I like doing a lot of different things but it seems like I’m going to have to put some of them on the back burner.  What I can do is reduce the amount of hobbies I have but I know it’s going to go down to zero.  All I will be doing is filming and editing for the rest of my life.  I heard someone online mention that they spend about 10 to 14 hours a day on filming and editing.  Is this something I really want to do?

This is a really tough fork in the rode for me.  Filming I got no problems with, it’s editing I want to run away from.  I use to think editing was just cutting up film and putting it back together.  Nope, I was wrong.  It’s much more then that.  Here’s a list:
1) Keep things moving

2) Making a narrative

3) Making sure sound is good

4) Make footage creative or interesting to watch

5) and a bunch of other crap that I will soon find out :(


I’m afraid I’m going to run out of content.  If I can’t think of anything more to do, then what? Do I stop making videos?  Do I just rehash old things?  Do I steal… I mean get inspired by other people?  How can i stay creative?

I guess I shouldn’t focus too much on trying to make the best videos?  I should just focus on having fun.  It’s like if you concentrate on walking correctly your’e going to trip.  Let’s face it, who likes taking a trip (unless it somewhere nice and worm).

Important document

I was filming and I didn’t realize I had an electric bill in the shot.  The bill had my address and name on it.  Guess what, I had to get rid of the shot.  Blah, I could have done a reshoot but the bit didn’t work so I keep it out.  It worked in my favor this time, but remember when shooting make sure there isn’t any important documents lying around the place.  Unless you want people to send you pizza at 3am in the morning or break into your house to watch you sleep.

Adding New Shots

I noticed that when I’m editing videos I can add more footage that will make the video better.  I then go back and do some pick up shots and put them in.  I have to be careful  because if I keep doing this I will probably never release anything.   I will keep on saying, “I could make it better,”  and go into and endless loop.

Lazy: How Not To Feed It.

You are going to be shooting at odd times during the day.  You are going to have to fight that urge of laziness.  “Let me goof of now,
I’ll shoot later. ”  When later comes its too late and you will say, “let me shoot tomorrow”.  This is how the never ending of putting things off starts, you bum.  When you have time to shoot, shoot the footage.  Just say to yourself, I’ll shoot just for ten minutes.  Next thing you know you’re shooting for hours.  So lets stop being lazy and shoot some stuff now.

Cutting (And I don’t Mean Yours Arms)

Trying to cut down clips as much as possible but having a hard time.  I don’t want to get rid of good footage but I need to
save time.  I find myself constantly going over clips finding the smallest places to cut.  1 sec here, . .5 secs there.  It’s like being a
surgeon but not as important

Feedback: Get Out Of My House

My brother came to my house and I showed him some of my videos I finished editing.  He started to give feedback and I was like, yes he’s giving me great info.  I was also like, I hate you get out of my house because now I have to go back and reedit.   Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

What he told me was my videos were okay but they get boring here and there.  I need to have more quick cuts to keep things moving and be more interesting.  Also you need to cut your vids AIDS (really type correct, you’re replacing vids with AIDS) down, they are too long.  Blah, now to got to figure out where to quick cut and what to quick cut to.  A new layer I didn’t think of.