Old Videos Suck

I went back to edit some of my old videos and hot dang they suck.  They are so boring.  I almost don’t want to post them.  I feel like that if they suck then my new videos won’t be that good either.  Why bother with this, why bother with all of this.  I shouldn’t waste my time on trying to make these videos if I can’t make them interesting.  You see how fast you can go into despair and give up.  What can I say to myself to keep me going?  What can I think of to keep me motivated?  How can I give up without even trying?

Learning Your Editing Software

This is going to be very dumb advice but you should learn how to use your editing software as much as possible.  Don’t be lazy and give up when you run into problems.  I was trying to figure out how to do split screen but keep the two shots complete, meaning not having to overlay halfway over one side of the footage.  I found a split screen function in my software but it would cut half the image out.

I was a little annoyed and I was going to keep the shot like that, but I decided to keep searching.  I eventually found picture in picture.  This was exactly what I wanted.  I could control the size of the footage and where it would show up on screen.

Plagia… I mean inspirataion

I keep finding myself trying to copy what other successful youtubers are doing.  I have to stop that.  This is my show, my voice and if it’s not successful so be it.  I’m not doing this for fame and fortune, I’m doing it for narcissistic and monetization reasons.

But in seriousness, I think taking the framework of a show is fine.  You don’t need to copy verbatim, but you can get ideas from them.  You should see what you like and if it will make sense in your show.  For example, you can see how they do their lighting.  I think once you keep doing videos your creative part will kick in and allow you to experiment with different ideas.  That’s just my 2 cents.