I want to give up.

I was thinking about giving up this whole youtube thing.  I wanted to throw in the towel and quit.  I wanted the fat lady to sing, until I had a conversation with myself and convinced me to stay with it.  I thought I would film what was going on in my head.  I think I’m going to do more of these.

Out of despair I came up with a different way of sharing my thoughts with you.  Lets hope I don’t all the way crazy.


Watch as I install A hard drive and bore the crap out of you.

This video of installing a hard drive was interesting.  In the sense that I started to realize tutorials are inherently boring, well most of them.  I tried to spice things up with text and doing some odd things.  It made the video a little better but still it’s no fun to watch.  Also It’s longer then it should be but I wanted to show as much as possible.

The one thing I learned from doing this video is that I need to be more creative on showing how to do things.  No clue yet on how I’m going to do it but I think I have a way.

When to give up?

I was making this video about how to setup your youtube channel so it’s more presentable.  I needed software to capture my screen to show what I was doing.  I got lazy and didn’t do much research.  On the day I decided to shoot I downloaded the software Ezvid and started the tutorial.  After a few hours I found out the output movie the software created was in wmv format.  My software editor (Pinnacle) can’t load wmv format.  I wasted so much time, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I had to find another software (Krut) and redo everything.  By the way Ezvid and Krut are free, so there’s a not a lot of bells and whistles.   Lesson learned, not really. I’m still lazy and probably going to do the same thing over again.

What to do when you have lots of footage you don’t need

I had this leak from my single handle shower body.  I fixed and filmed some stuff.  Most of the footage was crap but there was a few gems.  They weren’t that long but I keep them.  I’m glad I did because now I can share them with you.  You shouldn’t throw away your footage because you never know when they will come in handy.



I Forget Too Much

Every time I think of an Idea I say to myself, “Hey you, write it down”.  But do you know what myself says to me, “I’ll write it down later”.  Do you know what ends up happening, I forget the idea.  I had some pretty good ideas go out the window.  I have to stop being so lazy.  Whatever comes and goes through my head needs to be put down on paper.  Even if it’s an idea like, smashing mirrors with a hammer next to my head.

Sound Sound Sound and Soune

I had my video camera far away from me and I realized that the sound was not going to be too good.  I didn’t want to buy an expensive sound system since I’m cheap.  What I did was I downloaded an app on my smart phone to record sound.  I put my phone next to me and hit the record button.  I started the camera and smacked my hands together to let me know when I started video recording.  After I shot my footage, I when to my pc to upload what I had on my camera and the sound from my phone.  I loaded the footage and sound into my editing software and synced them booth up where I heard the loud clap noise.  It worked pretty well and the sound quality was really good.

How To bleed a radiator with a side of what!!!!

Let me give you the background for this video.  My brother calls me up at night saying there’s no heat coming from one of the radiators.  I was a little sick but got up anyway and went to fix it.  I found out that all I needed to do was bleed the radiator.  Not much too it so I decided to make it a little bit more interesting/weird, you decided.

On a side note you need to put up the heat so the air can come out.  If the heat isn’t up the radiator won’t bleed.  I was luck because the heat was coming up .