This wound will never heal

Time will never heal this wound of mine.  It scares are deep in my heart.  No pain have I felt more deeply then this.  No lost of family, betrayal, a broken heart, losing a love one can compete.  If only I could break open my head and thrust my brain on the ground to avoid feeling this way.  But no, I have to live with this.  I have to bear it.  I have to face it no matter what happens, unless I find a tweezer to pull out this splinter.

This is how it all started

I was sitting at a restaurant, eating some salad, minding my own business. A lady came running in screaming. I grabbed her and asked what was wrong. 

She looked at me and said, “he’s in the water”, then she vanished in my hands. Was I crazy? Did this really happen? Why is everybody just looking at me?

One guy yelled at me, “Your hair just turned gray.” 

I didn’t care and ran out the door. I had to find water. There was a swimming pool a few yards away. “That had to be it”, I said to myself. I grabbed a bucket and put it over my head. This should help me hold my breath. I grabbed a pole to use as a spear. I jumped in the pool and swam downwards. After a few hours of swimming I met a giant octopus.

The octopus gently approached me and said, “I saw a boy here. He looked lost. I tried to help but he was too scared and ran. Please help him.” 

The octopus showed me the way the child went. I quickly swam and swam. I got tired so I stared to walk. I found this cave and thought maybe he’s hiding in here. When I entered the cave there was this sign that said, “Secrets of the sea.” I knew what it meant but I tuck that away, deep in my brain, so I wouldn’t tell anybody else. I walked into the cave calling for this boy when I saw a ghost. It tried to attack me but I used my spear and stabbed it’s heart. My spear vanished but the ghost just laid there, it was dead.

I felt sorry and started to cry, but I realized I wasn’t the one crying. I turned and saw the boy just sitting. I asked if he was okay and he said, “no. I wanted to learn the secrets of the sea but it got lost within my mind.”

I picked him up and said, “It’s okay. It was never meant for you. Do you want to go back home?”


I swam out of the cave and looked back at the child and saw he had the gray hair now. I thought to myself, “he’s going to live and die down here and yet he looks happy.”

I swam back to the top and out of the pool. I took off the bucket and walked home. I’ve told this story to many people and nobody believes me. I’m in my old age now, sitting in a safe house. Well that’s what they call it. I know it’s an insane asylum but what can I do. 
I look out the window and all I can see is blue skies, “I wonder if anybody is stuck up there?”

Adding new content to this blog

I think I’m going to add an art section and a comic strip to this website (  I’ve been having these ideas in my head that I think people will like.  Also, if this website get’s a little bit bigger maybe it will help out my youtube channel more.  I should have something in about a week or two.  Can’t wait to show you the other parts of my brain.  Mostly the nice parts, not the dark and demented side that wants me to burn the whole world down to the ground.  You know, the fun part.

Small youtube channel

I’m kind of glad I’m still a very small youtube channel.  When I say small, I mean I only got 4 subs, hahahah (my heart is sad).   But there are some benefits to that.  Like I could miss uploading a video and nobody will care.   But then again, if i’m not consistent then my channel will not grow well.  Oh man, the choices one must make.  Upload or don’t, upload or don’t.   Missing one week won’t hurt.  It will give me time to be lazy.

I want to add more content to my youtube channel

I’ve been told the more content the better, meaning making more videos.  Man o man who has the time for that.  It’s hard enough making videos twice a week.  If I want to add more content then that means I’m going to have to give something up, like eating or sleeping.  Not too sure if I can survive without those things but I don’t I can.  If I’m going to add more content I think It’s going to have to be simple and quick, yet still entertaining.  Okay brain, it’s time for you to pull a rabbit out of the hat.  I would prefer good ideas, but a rabbit would be nice to play with.

How to flood an apartment

I actually like this video.  The ending really saves it.  These are the ideas I come up with when I have dangerous tools in my hands.  When I was thinking about what I did that day, I thought how could I have made it worse and thus the ending of the video.

How to create a playlist

I was creating a playlist for my youtube channel and thought, why not record it and show how it’s done.  The hardest part of this video was finding a free software to record my screen.  A free software?  Yes,  I’m tired of paying for things.  I actually had to do this tutorial about 6 times because one of the software turned out to be crap.  The audio keep going out of sync.  I tried to make this tutorial a little bit different and pretended to show how the word playlist was invented.  It didn’t come out the way I envisioned it in my head,  but a lot of things in my head should never be shown.

Installing a mother video

In this video this is the first time I start using my video editing software to add graphics.  I started to realized that in editing you can make things funny.  My mind exploded a little with ideas I can do if the content in my videos are not that great.  A new tool added to the insane belt.