How to deal with the dark

I thought about how much I hate the dark and how taking over the electric bill made me face my fears, as I don’t leave as many lights no anymore.  This was a perfect topic for a vlog.  I really don’t like dark but I really don’t like paying a lot of money in electric bills.  Honestly, what’s the worse that can happen in the dark?  Something that goes boo, something touching you, roaches, rats, noises, glowing eyes, voices…okay, okay you got a point.

Fixing my bathroom medicine cabinet.

I came home one day and I found my bathroom medicine cabinet on the floor.  I was just going to install but I decided to film it.  I used my cell phone which was a bad idea because of the lighting and I couldn’t show some stuff since I need both my hands.  This is where I got the idea just to do a voice over and go off topic a bit.  I tried to make it some what funny but my humor is kind of odd.

I’m back

I know I’ve been gone for awhile.  I found this website call and I’ve been messing around there for a bit.  It has a lot of great info about youtube and being a youtuber.  Don’t worry I’m not giving up on this blog yet.  I’m actually going to add more stuff here, not just youtube related info.  I’m going to do a comic and posters.  I just need to steal some ideas.