Problem using cell phone with a long shoot

I went to my aunts house to fix a leak in her pedestal sink.  I only brought my cell phone with me.  I got too lazy to bring my camera.  What happened was I only got a few shots of actually fixing the leak.  It was too hard to shoot and fix at the same time so this video doesn’t really show everything that was done .  Which is a real let down for a viewer.  Also, after awhile I got tired of holding the cell phone and recording that I just gave up.  So if you are going to do a long shoot, don’t use your cell phone.  Bring your camera and a tripod.

I shot my best friend

Psychologist: Have you ever done anything easy in your life?

Patient: Of course, it was easy to shoot my best friend.

Psychologist: What?

Patient: Yeah, when my dog got rabies he chased me into my house.  I ran into my room and I locked the door behind me.  I then grabbed my gun but I noticed my wife was in bed with my best friend so I shot him.  Then I open the door and shot my dog.  I pointed the gun at my wife until I realized I was aiming at my best friend’s wife and that I wasn’t in my house and the dog was a mail box.

How not to get robbed.

I was walking home late one night until I got interrupted on the street.
“Hey you, stop,” I turned around.
“Give me all your money.”  I saw the knife sparkle as the street lights bounced off of it.
“Fight me for it”
“A man should fight for something he wants, now drop the knife and lets fight.”
I heard the knife hit the floor.  I got into a boxing stance.  We stared to circle around until the nun got close to my knife on the ground.  She picked it up and chased me down the block.  I was never so scared before.