I stopped My 1 minutes vlogs

So I stopped doing my 1 minutes vlogs.  Why?  I have many reason but the biggest is that I didn’t like the way they were coming out.  If I can’t watch them why do I expect anybody else to.  They were not funny just awkward.  If I put some more time into it I probably could make them better but I don’t want to focus on that now.   Maybe later on in the future when I get better at this.

Nail Vs Screw

I was thinking what tip could I give a person about screws and nails and the idea came to me why not just show a nail vs the screw.  Show the biggest advantages and disadvantages.  Then I though I could pretend they are in a boxing ring and announce them as so.   When I watched the video it didn’t look or sound right.  So I add some echo effects, cheering and other sounds.   I wanted to add a strobe light but my computer couldn’t render it.  Computes what good are they for if they can’t be your slave.

Warranty connected with your diploma

There should be a warranty connected with your diploma. Why don’t colleges have a disclaimer in their admissions manual,  “If you don’t get a job in 60 days, you get your money back.  Just take your diploma down to your school and say ‘this thing is defective I want my money back.’”  Don’t leave until you get your money or when they call the police, whatever comes first.

Adding camera affects and some funny.

This video I wanted to make it more interesting and play with some effects.  The idea I had was to make myself teleport around the room when trying to get to my door.  I thought it would be funny to keep missing my goal and wind up in different places.  The comedy seems kind of forced but who cares, I’m not a professional comedian.