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What can I say  that will make you interested and curious about this blog.  I guess I will just tell you what I like doing and hopefully you can find some kind of connection with me.

I like fixing up my house and tinkering with things that I have clue about.  I decided to start recording my adventures into the unknown and upload it to youtube.  I also want to document my journey on becoming a youtuber, thus the main reason for this blog.

So join me, I just hope I don’t accidentally  kill myself in my escapades.

One thought on “About Me”

  1. Hi ImJustAsBad,
    Hope you are doing well.

    Sorry to bother you but I saw your very good video in Youtube about installing Android in a HP Touchpad.
    I have a HP Elitepad 900 tablet. Can you please tell if you know how to replace Windows for Android? If so, I’d appreciate if you can send me the correct version of Android so there is no problema with any feature this tablet has and a guide to do it.

    Thanks you very much in advance.

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