I’M sick. That ain’t no excuse

I felt like crap.  I wanted to go to sleep.  I did not want to film stuff or edit but if I didn’t I’ll fall behind a little.  So what does that mean, stop being such a pansy and do your job.  You made a commitment so stick with it.  Quit complaining about a little caught, fever, flem, sniffles, running noise and a slight head ache.  Man up or else.

It was really hard to shot a video about how to keep a drill stable.  It took about an hour but I got through it.  I’m glad I stuck with it because I feel like I was able to overcome that little guy I’m my head saying, “Hey take a nap.  You can do this later.  That’s right I want you to fail.  I’ll get you my pretty.”  I’m still a little sick, hehe.

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