My youtube journey: The beginning

I got this idea in my head, I wanted to become a youtuber, but there’s a couple of things I had to figure out first before even starting.

  1.  I needed an idea or topic to film about.
  2.  Could I make it interesting or funny so people could be entertained a bit.
  3.  I’m a huge introvert with speech problems. Could I overcome this?
  4.  What was my motivation?  Why do I want to do this now?

Let us take this apart, one by one.

1) I needed an idea or topic to film about.  This was actually the easy part for me.  I love fixing things on my own, even if it means losing a couple of fingers (not mine of course) I will still try and tackle it.  A lot of stupid events occur when I do fix stuff, like when I dropped a radiator on my brother’s hand.  I figured I just should film it.

2) Could I make it interesting or funny so people could be entertained a bit.  I make a lot of mistakes when I’m attempting a DIY project.  I always say, “I should have filmed it, I should have filmed it.”  I remember once my angle grinder cut me when it was turned off.  Yup, I have skills.  Also I like making people laugh so when I have an opportunity to throw a joke at someone, I make sure I hit them right in the face.

3) I’m a huge introvert with speech problems.  Could i overcome this? For me, being an introvert means I don’t like being in the spot light.  I don’t like getting attention.  I don’t like people bugging me too much.  I don’t like being in crowds.  I don’t like talking too much.  I don’t like being on camera.  I don’t like people knowing my thoughts or how I feel.  Hot dang, that’s a lot of “I don’t” for someone who want to start a youtube channel.  I got no idea how to overcome this.

Physically its very hard for me to talk.  My mind has so much to say but my mouth is like, “nahh I’m not going to say that right now. In fact I’m going to say a whole bunch of words that nobody understands, even you sucker.”  But I made it this far in life, and I sort of know how to manage it.  When I talk in a deeper voice my speech slows down and I’m able to articulate a little better.  The only problem is talking in a deeper voice, not that easy.  I also sound very mono-toned, not too interesting to listen to.

4) Motivation, why do i want to do this.  I’m going to be sooooooo honest right now its going to hurt ( I feel like I’m betraying my brain’s secret stash of goodies).  Annotations!!!!

A) I wanted to meet another youtuber.  The only way I could do this is if I created my channel, in the realm of theirs, make a lot of content and then try to do a few colab with them.  Thinking we could become friends.  Crazy, I know.  I sound like a stalker, not the insane one, just the ones who watches through the windows.  I started to realize that was not a good motivation.  What if I do meet them and I can’t stand them, then what.  I wasted all this time for nothing.  I said to myself. Hey crazy, lets take that reason out of your head.  Would you still do it?   Yes.  Like I said before, I like making people laugh and when I tackle a project funny things happen.

B) I also have all these ideas in my head.  It’s like containing them in a glass jar.  Before i didn’t care about sharing them and being an introvert I don’t like dealing with people too much.  But lately, that glass jar feels like it wants to bust and impel my brain with shrapnel.  I need to get these ideas out of my head and i figure this maybe one way of doing it.

C) It would be nice to make some money off of this, but I don’t think i will.  Not really a big mot (that’s right I shortened it) for me.

So there you have it. Why I decided to do this youtube thing. Basically I got no freaking idea.

My Journey on becoming a Youtuber and other nosense