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Small youtube channel

I’m kind of glad I’m still a very small youtube channel.  When I say small, I mean I only got 4 subs, hahahah (my heart is sad).   But there are some benefits to that.  Like I could miss uploading a video and nobody will care.   But then again, if i’m not consistent then my channel will not grow well.  Oh man, the choices one must make.  Upload or don’t, upload or don’t.   Missing one week won’t hurt.  It will give me time to be lazy.

I want to add more content to my youtube channel

I’ve been told the more content the better, meaning making more videos.  Man o man who has the time for that.  It’s hard enough making videos twice a week.  If I want to add more content then that means I’m going to have to give something up, like eating or sleeping.  Not too sure if I can survive without those things but I don’t I can.  If I’m going to add more content I think It’s going to have to be simple and quick, yet still entertaining.  Okay brain, it’s time for you to pull a rabbit out of the hat.  I would prefer good ideas, but a rabbit would be nice to play with.


I’m afraid I’m going to run out of content.  If I can’t think of anything more to do, then what? Do I stop making videos?  Do I just rehash old things?  Do I steal… I mean get inspired by other people?  How can i stay creative?

I guess I shouldn’t focus too much on trying to make the best videos?  I should just focus on having fun.  It’s like if you concentrate on walking correctly your’e going to trip.  Let’s face it, who likes taking a trip (unless it somewhere nice and worm).