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Painting tip for corners or edges with no painters tape

This was really hard for me to come up with an idea to make this video entertaining,  I thought maybe I can have Robot AC 21 say stuff while watching me paint.  I mean who likes watching someone paint, it’s like watching paint dry.  I have a book of proverbs so I figured I could have Robot AC 21 say these proverbs.  Well that sounds good and all but how about I make him say some crazy stuff after the proverb.  Like if he doesn’t understand the proverb or he just goes off tangents.

Another thing about this video is the editing.  I thought what if I was painting and the editor keep making me loop over and over again.  What would I do.

I’M sick. That ain’t no excuse

I felt like crap.  I wanted to go to sleep.  I did not want to film stuff or edit but if I didn’t I’ll fall behind a little.  So what does that mean, stop being such a pansy and do your job.  You made a commitment so stick with it.  Quit complaining about a little caught, fever, flem, sniffles, running noise and a slight head ache.  Man up or else.

It was really hard to shot a video about how to keep a drill stable.  It took about an hour but I got through it.  I’m glad I stuck with it because I feel like I was able to overcome that little guy I’m my head saying, “Hey take a nap.  You can do this later.  That’s right I want you to fail.  I’ll get you my pretty.”  I’m still a little sick, hehe.

Pinnacle: Why Do You Hate Me?

Pinnacle keeps screwing up on me.  It’s hard enough to edit these videos but when the software you paid good money for keeps crapping out, you want to kick something in the gut.  I really don’t feel like editing anymore.  Something in my head keeps saying, go and watch some TV.   But, I know I mustn’t  give in.  I have to fight it off and keep chugging along.  Remember, opportunity is surrounded with hardship.  Quote from some old guy who’s probably dead.