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Spray/Painting metal vent in bathroom

When I was doing this video I was thinking the mask was I was wearing was good enough when using the spray can.   Boy was I wrong.  I had to switch out mask for a thicker one but it still didn’t help.  Those fumes were so strong I had take a break.  Just to let you all know, if you do something like this or anything crazy please pre pare.  Don’t just do it because you might get hurt.

Changing a shower body handle

One of my longest videos ever.  It was supposed to be a small project but it grew.  It just keep escalating.  It was like hey I’m late for work I should take my car.  Oh look, my car is on fire,  I should take the bus.  Oh look, the bus is filled with pee.  I should run to work.  Oh look, I’m being arrested for setting my car on fire.  Heheh, well maybe not like that but you get  my gest.  I wanted to add everything to one video but it would have been 2 hours long so that’s when I split it up and took out a lot of stuff.  I wanted to add funny to this but I was too tired to think of anything.  I think I added some proverbs in one of these videos.



Measuring how high a ceiling is

I was reading online on measuring how high your ceiling is.  I read a post where somebody mentioned that you should use a string and a wet tissue.  I was like, “I have to do that.”  That’s where the idea for the video spawned from.  I wanted to show how not to do it, than show the right way.  It would help stick the idea in your head better.  During the shooting of this video I made a mess on my ceiling with all that wet tissue.  It looked like somebody shot their diarrhea up there.

Trying to prank my brother failed.

So I tried to prank my brother by having my nerf gun shoot him when he opens the door.  I did this at the last minute and did not plan.  This is why I failed.   The setup was really bad and the nerf gun would not fire unless you push the door really hard.  But it’s still a little fun to watch it fail.


How to create a playlist

I was creating a playlist for my youtube channel and thought, why not record it and show how it’s done.  The hardest part of this video was finding a free software to record my screen.  A free software?  Yes,  I’m tired of paying for things.  I actually had to do this tutorial about 6 times because one of the software turned out to be crap.  The audio keep going out of sync.  I tried to make this tutorial a little bit different and pretended to show how the word playlist was invented.  It didn’t come out the way I envisioned it in my head,  but a lot of things in my head should never be shown.

Installing a mother video

In this video this is the first time I start using my video editing software to add graphics.  I started to realized that in editing you can make things funny.  My mind exploded a little with ideas I can do if the content in my videos are not that great.  A new tool added to the insane belt.

How to deal with the dark

I thought about how much I hate the dark and how taking over the electric bill made me face my fears, as I don’t leave as many lights no anymore.  This was a perfect topic for a vlog.  I really don’t like dark but I really don’t like paying a lot of money in electric bills.  Honestly, what’s the worse that can happen in the dark?  Something that goes boo, something touching you, roaches, rats, noises, glowing eyes, voices…okay, okay you got a point.

Fixing my bathroom medicine cabinet.

I came home one day and I found my bathroom medicine cabinet on the floor.  I was just going to install but I decided to film it.  I used my cell phone which was a bad idea because of the lighting and I couldn’t show some stuff since I need both my hands.  This is where I got the idea just to do a voice over and go off topic a bit.  I tried to make it some what funny but my humor is kind of odd.

I felt really stupid making this video

I have no idea why I made this video.  I felt really stupid on doing it and it shows on my body language.  I thought it would be funny but comes out as awkward.  How do I fix it up?  I guess I can take acting classes but who wants to see me throw up on stage.

When to give up?

I was making this video about how to setup your youtube channel so it’s more presentable.  I needed software to capture my screen to show what I was doing.  I got lazy and didn’t do much research.  On the day I decided to shoot I downloaded the software Ezvid and started the tutorial.  After a few hours I found out the output movie the software created was in wmv format.  My software editor (Pinnacle) can’t load wmv format.  I wasted so much time, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I had to find another software (Krut) and redo everything.  By the way Ezvid and Krut are free, so there’s a not a lot of bells and whistles.   Lesson learned, not really. I’m still lazy and probably going to do the same thing over again.