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Small youtube channel

I’m kind of glad I’m still a very small youtube channel.  When I say small, I mean I only got 4 subs, hahahah (my heart is sad).   But there are some benefits to that.  Like I could miss uploading a video and nobody will care.   But then again, if i’m not consistent then my channel will not grow well.  Oh man, the choices one must make.  Upload or don’t, upload or don’t.   Missing one week won’t hurt.  It will give me time to be lazy.

Lazy: How Not To Feed It.

You are going to be shooting at odd times during the day.  You are going to have to fight that urge of laziness.  “Let me goof of now,
I’ll shoot later. ”  When later comes its too late and you will say, “let me shoot tomorrow”.  This is how the never ending of putting things off starts, you bum.  When you have time to shoot, shoot the footage.  Just say to yourself, I’ll shoot just for ten minutes.  Next thing you know you’re shooting for hours.  So lets stop being lazy and shoot some stuff now.