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Changing a shower body handle

One of my longest videos ever.  It was supposed to be a small project but it grew.  It just keep escalating.  It was like hey I’m late for work I should take my car.  Oh look, my car is on fire,  I should take the bus.  Oh look, the bus is filled with pee.  I should run to work.  Oh look, I’m being arrested for setting my car on fire.  Heheh, well maybe not like that but you get  my gest.  I wanted to add everything to one video but it would have been 2 hours long so that’s when I split it up and took out a lot of stuff.  I wanted to add funny to this but I was too tired to think of anything.  I think I added some proverbs in one of these videos.



What to do when you have lots of footage you don’t need

I had this leak from my single handle shower body.  I fixed and filmed some stuff.  Most of the footage was crap but there was a few gems.  They weren’t that long but I keep them.  I’m glad I did because now I can share them with you.  You shouldn’t throw away your footage because you never know when they will come in handy.