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Fixing crack on roof

I’ve decided to make Robot AC 21 a permanent character on my channel.   I was thinking what’s the best way to make a video fun to watch.  Having some kind of commentary going on.  But then what about showing how to do things?  I would need to talk and having a commentary will interfere with that.  So that gave me the idea.  Why not have two videos.  One video will be about how I fix things and another video with commentary by Robot AC 21.  This is great because I like putting crazy things in my video and that could be the commentary video and leave the serious stuff on the original video.  This also allows me to have more content on my channel. win win.  I hope this works.  Ah screw it, I’m going to make it work.

Boring video:

Commentary video by Robot AC 21:


Small youtube channel

I’m kind of glad I’m still a very small youtube channel.  When I say small, I mean I only got 4 subs, hahahah (my heart is sad).   But there are some benefits to that.  Like I could miss uploading a video and nobody will care.   But then again, if i’m not consistent then my channel will not grow well.  Oh man, the choices one must make.  Upload or don’t, upload or don’t.   Missing one week won’t hurt.  It will give me time to be lazy.

I want to add more content to my youtube channel

I’ve been told the more content the better, meaning making more videos.  Man o man who has the time for that.  It’s hard enough making videos twice a week.  If I want to add more content then that means I’m going to have to give something up, like eating or sleeping.  Not too sure if I can survive without those things but I don’t I can.  If I’m going to add more content I think It’s going to have to be simple and quick, yet still entertaining.  Okay brain, it’s time for you to pull a rabbit out of the hat.  I would prefer good ideas, but a rabbit would be nice to play with.